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Oogee Wawa taking 'next step' as Paramount headliners

Oogee Wawa was surprised when it got offered a headlining slot at The Paramount.

"We thought it might be a bit early," says singer Jesse Lee Roenbeck. "That doesn't happen for Long Island acts, except for the biggest like Billy Joel or Taking Back Sunday."

However, the timing may be just right. Oogee Wawa's recent album "More Sand Than Money" (Rebel Sound) is starting to get attention around the country for its lively mix of reggae and rock. Roenbeck says the band is currently working on a video for the track "Pretty."

"The venue feels strongly that Oogee Wawa will bring a great crowd of young reggae music fans on Sept. 26, that they are growing in popularity and that they are poised to take the next step in the music world -- starting with a headline show at The Paramount," said Adam Ellis, The Paramount's director of marketing.

Both The Paramount and Long Island radio station 94.3 The Shark believe in the band so much that they are making Saturday's show a free one, to help introduce the band, as well as openers The Offshore Regulars and NonStop to Cairo, to a new audience.

"We're ready to take the next step," says Roenbeck. "We're really excited."

Oogee Wawa plays The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington, at 8 p.m. Sept. 26. Admission is free.

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