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ON TV: Complexity is still this doctor's specialty

THE SHOW "House"

WHEN|WHERE Season premiere tonight at 8 on Fox/5

REASON TO WATCH TV drama's big kahuna is back for its fifth season, with an

urgent question: Can Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) forgive House (Hugh Laurie)?

CATCHING UP Drunk at a bar, House called up Wilson to get a ride home, and

Wilson's beloved, Dr. Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek), picked up the phone instead.

Bad luck. She has a drink, and they take a bus home, when - boom! - the bus is

broadsided, which leads to her death. Naturally, Wilson is distraught, but

(surprisingly) so is House, who wonders how life (his life) will now change.

WHAT TONIGHT'S ABOUT An assistant to a powerful (and abusive) woman who

runs an international organization for women is hospitalized after suffering

from hallucinations. Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) strikes up a friendship with her,

and both find they share something in common - ogres for bosses. Meanwhile, an

embittered Wilson has made a life decision. House realizes that Amber's death

has changed everything ("Dying Changes Everything" is the episode title).

Meanwhile, Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) tries to play couples counselor between the

two, but. ...

BOTTOM LINE The beauty of "House" is, always has been, always will be ...

House, so rich is his misanthrope, so obscured is his heart. What makes that

mysterious organ tick, and, in his case, what has love got to do with it?

Tonight and next week's episode (titled "Not Cancer") should revive

long-standing speculation about whether Laurie's House may be TV's fullest,

deepest, most compelling and most closeted gay character; his love for Wilson

is so touching and genuine (and next week, so comical) that even he can't

understand its wellspring. It's wonderful stuff, and we all seem to be on a

voyage of discovery.

Grade: A-

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