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Rich, young and beautiful isn't enough for 'Privileged'

THE SHOW "Privileged"

WHEN|WHERE Premieres tonight at 9 on The CW/11

REASON TO WATCH JoAnna Garcia ("Reba"), who kind of makes it hard to

dislike anything she's in (oops, forgot about "Welcome to the Captain") and, of

course, Anne Archer.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Five words - Rich kids in Palm Beach. And some more words -

Laurel Limoges (Archer) is a fabulously wealthy Palm Beach cosmetics empress

who wants to get her two pampered grandkids into Duke, but they have no

parental supervision (Mom and Dad are dead), and they're mostly out of control.

Enter Megan Smith (Garcia), a recent Yale grad who has just lost her job and

agrees to tutor the brats. Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) is fairly pliant, but Sage

(Ashley Newbrough) is hell on wheels. Poor Megsters has to figure out how to

get them to read Fitzgerald while nursing wounds from her own troubled past

(which includes a snooty kid sister who snatched her boyfriend, and a lush


BOTTOM LINE There's occasionally a pleasing "Gilmore Girls" zip to this,

which is probably to be expected because show-runner Rina Mimoun also wrote for

that show (as well as being show-runner on "Everwood").

Also, Garcia is a major-league cutie and sunny on-screen presence without

being cloying. But enough with the filthy-rich-kid dramedies! Enough with the

emotive musical sound-tracks! (Ingrid Michaelson fans will argue otherwise.)

Enough with soul-sucking cliches! "90210" and "Gossip Girl" are more than

enough, CW.


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