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'Weeds' final season premiere: A pretzel extension

Justin Kirk stars as Andy Botwin and Alexander

Justin Kirk stars as Andy Botwin and Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin in Season 7 of the Showtime series WEEDS. Photo Credit: Showtime

THE SHOW "Weeds," 10 p.m. Sunday on Showtime

CATCHING UP/MY SAY After finally throwing in the towel on "Weeds" a couple of weeks ago, this is what Kevin Beggs, who runs the show's studio Lionsgate, had to say to Entertainment Weekly: "No matter how close she's gone to the edge of everything falling apart, she reels the story back in, grounds it, and brings you back." "She" is show creator Jenji Kohan, and she can finally exhale: The eighth season will be the last, and not a moment too soon. Really, we can't take this anymore. Sunday's episode opens with a terrific title sequence reprising Malvina Reynolds' classic song "Little Boxes," and graphically displaying every plot twist of the past seven years. At the end of this you end up with something that looks like a pretzel. Sunday's pretzel extension picks up exactly where last season left off: Someone is hiding in the bushes of the Botwins' new family compound in Connecticut. He or she draws a bead on Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) who -- with wineglass in hand -- is slurring her speech to the gathered tribe. "Everyone's a little happy, everyone's a little miserable. That's family!" A shot rings out. Fade to black. Who is shot? Who is the shooter? (And why is Shane -- Alexander Gould -- a police academy trainee?) Answers forthcoming. Then we can exhale, too.

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