What could a former-late-night host, a social media network, a 19-year-old from Michigan and a New York-based wedding gown designer POSSIBLY have in common?

A whole lot more than you might think.

Conan O'Brien, who recently joined the Twitter revolution (@ConanOBrien), announced on Mar. 5 that he would begin "following" his first person. Conan's new BFFL? Sarah Killen, an engaged, soon-to-be collegebound resident of Conway Township, Michigan.

The hysteria that ensued was pretty remarkable, as Killen became a sort-of Internet celebrity, seeing her follower total (on @LovelyButton) increase from three to over 20,000 according to an AP story.

VIDEO: Conan launches a Twitter star

The newfound fame also resulted in some good fortune for Killen, as she became the recipient of a brand new iMac, and also spearheaded a pretty successful charity campaign for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Perhaps the best part of the venture for Killen has been the help she has received for her wedding. With only $30 saved up between Killen and her fiance, the couple needed some help.

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To the rescue? A New York-based bridal gown designer, Kelima K. Via a Twitter hookup - Kelima K's account is @Kelima_K - Killen ended up the recipient of a donated gown.

Pretty far out how the new age of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites has led to such accessibility between the notorious and the nobodys.

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