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Danica Patrick, ‘Borat’ and her NASCAR beau Ricky Stenhouse Jr. share Talladega night

Danica Patrick, right, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr., left,

Danica Patrick, right, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr., left, share a laugh and a photo with a "Borat" wannabe at Talladega the night before a NASCAR Sprint Cup race. (May 4, 2013) Credit: Twitter

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick hasn’t been shy about shedding her fire suit to show some skin for sponsor and the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue.

Bikini photos of her litter the Internet, and a new scantily clad pic she’s featured in will be making jaws drop for days to come.

Only thing is, she’s the one in blue jeans and a windbreaker.

The 30-year-old Patrick and her boyfriend, 25-year-old fellow NASCAR Sprint Cup rookie Ricky Stenhouse Jr., ventured out onto “Talladega Boulevard” in Alabama Saturday night so she could crown the best-decorated campsite the “Coke Zero Tailgate Champion.”

Talladega Boulevard is a strip of land in the track’s infield. For auto-racing naifs:

1. Fans camp out inside the ovals of some speedways so they can get a different perspective of the on-track action.

2. When no racing is going on, said fans often engage in acts of debauchery that would make Mardi Gras diehards run for the hills.

Patrick and Stenhouse got their taste of the goings-on as they came across a guy sporting the lime-green, barely there “Borat leotard” that Sacha Baron Cohen made infamous in his 2006 “Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Khazakstan” documentary spoof.

Although the thong gave “tailgating” a whole new meaning, he didn’t win the Coke Zero trophy.

But Patrick and Stenhouse knew what they were in for when they entered Talladega Boulevard, so they played nice and bookended “Borat” for a photo -- which Stenhouse tweeted out and Patrick subsequently retweeted on their verified accounts.

Patrick’s rise in auto racing has coincided with her suggestive Super Bowl ads, including teaming with personal trainer/drill sergeant Jillian Michaels to spread body paint all over a lanky brunette.

Last year, Patrick announced she would do “much safer” things to align with companies she represents that are more conservative than GoDaddy.

Apparently, some habits die hard.

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