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Eggs thrown at Bieber

Justin Bieber arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy

Justin Bieber arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, in Los Angeles. Credit: AP Photo

Now I have heard of throwing tomatoes at a performer on stage...but eggs??? Justin Bieber was performing on stage in Sydney, Australia when six eggs were thrown at him before a huge crowd on April 29.

Who in their right mind would throw eggs at the Beebs? Two eggs were tossed at him out of nowhere during his performance and then four more were sent his way shortly after the first two were thrown.

I know the millions of Bieber fans are not going to like this one bit. (God forbid someone actually was able to avoid catching the Bieber fever)

The eggs did not faze the Beebs as they flew passed him and cracked on the stage. Bieber lived up to the phrase, “the show must go on” and he continued with his performance like a trouper.

After the show, Bieber took to his Twitter and said, “Sydney goes hard!! Great show 2night...”

Justin Bieber can currently be seen on his "My World" tour, which ends May 19. But remember, no grocery store items are allowed.

Peep the Justin Bieber egg toss video below.

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