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Entertainment trends of 2014 in movies, tv, music, theater and books

Maybe it's just a fad, but class consciousness

Maybe it's just a fad, but class consciousness is all the rage at the movies. Along from the latest "Hunger Games" episode (pictured), we saw a remarkably similar dystopia in "Divergent." The critical hit "Snowpiercer" was a massive train-metaphor in which the steerage-class passengers try to take over the engine. The most extreme example, though, was "The Purge: Anarchy," an action flick that culminates in blood-spattered revolt. Who'd have thought Marx would sell at the multiplex? -- RAFER GUZMÁN Credit: TNS / Murray Close

2014 brought trends to Hollywood that can be seen throughout the year's best movies, music, television shows, theater performances and books.

The music industry embraced elaborate album roll outs as movies welcomed the rage of revolution.

Here's a look at the biggest entertainment trends of 2014 as selected by our critics Rafer Guzmán (film), Verne Gay (television), Glenn Gamboa (music), theater (Linda Winer) and books (Marion Winick).

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