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Singer Beyonce Knowles attends a screening of "I

Singer Beyonce Knowles attends a screening of "I AM...World Tour" at the School of Visual Arts Theater in Manhattan. She wore a Naeem Khan embellished mini and strappy leather Christian Louboutins. (Nov. 21, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Beyonce “God Bless the USA”
Whenever the country is going through a rough patch, the curvaceous and sexy Beyonce Knowles (@Beyonce Knowles) swoops down to save the day. Beyonce has created a charity single, “God Bless the USA,” to help raise money for the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund.

Beyonce debuted her song on "Piers Morgan Tonight" Thursday, May 5. She said, "I cannot think about anything more appropriate to do to help these families. Almost 10 years later, it is still so painful for all Americans, especially those who lost loved ones," according to Stv.

It does our hearts good to see Beyonce work her magic for the greater good.

Kanye West scarf collection with album artwork images
Say what you want about Kanye West (@Kanye West), he is always thinking outside the box. Kanye will be launching a line of limited-edition designer scarves with the controversial images from his fifth album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Kanye connected with  French design partners M/M of Paris, according to Metro.
He used his colorful imagination and came up with a name for the scarf collection, naming each design “Power," "Phoenix," "Face," "Priest" and "Ballerina.”

With Kanye being Kanye, he took to Twitter and posted "Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!! Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!"

All that can be said about this (and I’m sure Kanye would agree) is that only a genius like Kanye could pull this off.

Charlie Sheen fundraiser and donations
Now usually when Charlie Sheen (@Charlie Sheen) is mentioned in the media, it is always for some outrageous stunt. This time around is no different except that Sheen’s outrageous stunt is his charitable donations.

Sheen has launched a new website called Torpedoes Against Tornados to help the victims in Alabama who suffered from the devastating twisters on April 27.

Fans may donate whatever they want to the site, but if they donate a $100, they will receive an autographed baseball from Sheen. Totally cool!

This was not the end of Sheen's charitable contribution. Sheen raised $20,000, which included $7,000 of this own money, for the San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten March 31. Sheen is definitely gaining some brownie points, maybe enough to return to “Two and a Half Men.” (Nahhh)

Lady Gaga to mentor "American Idols"
Turn on your television, and you will see Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) all over your screen. Gaga will be on the May 11 episode of  "American Idol" -- no not performing -- but being a mentor to the final four contestants.

This should be very interesting since Gaga is known to be very extreme and constantly goes against the grain, but in a good way. Will her advice be the same?

Gaga also premiered her new video for her controversial second single "Judas" on May 5. Her song and video are raising many eyebrows with the public, especially the religious community. Isn’t this the thing that we admire the most about Lady Gaga in the first place?

Jennifer Lopez's "American Idol" performance
Since Jennifer Lopez (@Jennifer Lopez) became a judge on "American Idol," many people have failed to remember her true passion — music. The sensational Lopez shook up the "Idol" audience with her performance on May 5.

Lopez performed her new single “On The Floor,” with Miami rapper Pitbull. Lopez's seductive performance was the reminder that the public needed (at least I did) that she is a singer-dancer before anything else.

Lopez is doing some serious self-promotion for her new album, “LOVE?,” which came out May 3. Jenny from the Bronx is on fire.

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