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'Girls' on HBO: 'All Adventurous Women Do' episode

Lena Dunham creates, writes and stars in HBO's

Lena Dunham creates, writes and stars in HBO's new comic series, "Girls." Photo Credit: Handout

There is something strangely heartwarming about the third episode of “Girls" -- which is weird, given it touches on HPV, masturbation and gay ex-boyfriends. Not exactly the stuff fairy tales are made of.

When Hannah finds out she has a strain of HPV, Marnie cries. Shoshanna tells her it isn't a big deal in the world of STDs -- and that Jessa insists it's something all adventurous women have. Adam, Hannah's non-boyfriend, gets offended when she asks if he gave it to her, saying he's been tested.

The truth is, a lot of girls in their 20s test positive for HPV. And they're not necessarily adventurous girls. Sadly, it's something that's not only accepted but often expected -- and not something men can be tested for.

And as she's dealing with the idea of “getting her cervix scrapped out next week,” Hannah's ex-boyfriend tells her he's gay...something else that isn't so rare for girls in New York. (Plus, he adds, he's pretty sure her dad is gay, too.)

All in all, it's not a great day for Hannah. She sits on her bed, trying to compose a self-deprecating yet funny tweet. She finally settles on simply: “All the adventurous women do.” Then she starts bouncing around her room to Robyn's “Dancing on My Own,” which is definitely the moment when I wanted to hug and/or high-five her. Marnie walks in and joins her.

In the first episode, Hannah told her parents that she still has to live her memoirs before she writes them, and I think that's the attitude that's getting her through all this. Sure, it may sound silly, but whatever gets your through another day in New York -- right?

(Plus, how can you do anything but love a girl who says this to the jerk she's sleeping with?: "No, I have not tried a lot to lose weight, because I decided I was going to have some other concerns in my life, OK?")

Also to note: HBO announced today “Girls” has been renewed for a second season.


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