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Good Evening

Golden Globes tarnished! Well, sort of.

This just in: The Golden Globes are run by a bunch of celebrity-schmoozing faux journalists!

That shocking conclusion comes courtesy of, which lately has been on a mini-crusade against the Globes' organizers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. First, the site pointed out that seven Globes critics are credited by name as actors in Sophia Coppola's new movie "Somewhere," a rather blithe breach of journalistic ethics (e.g., don't star in movies that you should be reviewing).

Add to that a "leaked" letter, posted at, from a recently-dismissed Golden Globes publicist accusing the HFPA of "questionable business practices." Actually, most of the complaints center on in-fighting with people like Steven Spielberg's reps and highly-placed folks at influential publications like Variety and the Los Angeles Times.

So much for your long-cherished belief that the Golden Globes were torch-bearers of cinematic art and integrity. What's more, the HFPA has announced that this year's Miss Golden Globe will be Gia Mantegna -- daughter of actor Joe Mantegna. What is this, some kind of entertainment-industry back-scratching party? Have these people no SHAME??

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