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Gosselin sextuplets working illegally?

A Pennsylvania lawmaker questioned the legality of work permits issued to reality TV star Kate Gosselin's 6-year-old sextuplets, saying state law allows children younger than 7 to work in movies but not television.

Rep. Thomas Murt asked for an explanation from the state attorney general and labor secretary, neither of whom immediately offered a response Wednesday, The Associated Press reports.

"It appears those permits were granted even though the law does not provide for them," Murt said in a statement.

The TLC program "Kate Plus 8" is filmed in Wernersville, Pa., about 55 miles northwest of Philadelphia, and follows the lives of Gosselin and her twins and sextuplets.

Its predecessor, the popular "Jon & Kate Plus 8," featured the family before the parents divorced.

Murt, a Republican from suburban Philadelphia, held a legislative hearing in April on the need to update child labor laws in the age of reality TV and Internet entertainment.

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