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Hollywood Life: Adam Levine addresses 'super terrifying' encounter with fan

At a Maroon 5 concert in Anaheim, California, on Monday, one fan got a little too excited about being close to front man Adam Levine.

The fan initially stormed up behind Levine and began wrapping her arms around him in a frantic hug. The singer was shaken up and began doing his best to escape her embrace. But upon realizing she would do him no harm, Levine softened up, giving the girl a hug before security took her away.

Fox News reported what Levine said to the crowd afterward: "It's just weird to be, like, in the moment, ya know? And you're singing and your eyes are closed and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know someone's . . . in your face. It's super terrifying."

Another 'Vampire' loss

Not only is Nina Dobrev leaving "The Vampire Diaries," but Michael Trevino, who has played Tyler Lockwood since season 1, is also saying farewell to the show, the series creator confirmed.

In a statement, Julie Plec said: "Michael has been a beloved member of the 'Vampire Diaries' family since day one. Even though he's also going to be out in the world exploring new opportunities, we look forward to finding creative ways to make sure he and his character Tyler Lockwood always remain a part of the show."

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