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Hollywood Life: Search underway for escaped Mila Kunis stalker

The man who stalked actress Mila Kunis escaped from the Pomona, California, mental health facility where he was being monitored on Saturday night, police have confirmed. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has joined the hunt to track him down. Kunis, 31, has been notified of his escape, but has yet to comment.

Stuart Lynn Dunn was arrested in February 2012 for breaking into a vacant home owned and occupied by Kunis, and again three months later after waiting for her in the parking lot of the gym she frequented for three consecutive days. Dunn, 30, had violated a restraining order the actress had against him, and in January 2013 he pleaded no contest to one felony count of stalking during a hearing. He was sentenced to 6 months' rehabilitation and was ordered to stay away from Kunis and her agents, managers and assistants for 10 years. Kunis told the judge at the hearing that she feared for her safety.

LaBeouf gets poetic

Shia LaBeouf has teamed up with students from London fine arts college Central Saint Martins to create a new collaborative video titled "#Introductions." In the video, LaBeouf stands in front of a green screen reciting some intense poetry along with a lot of shouting, pacing and deep breathing. There is also one moment where the 28-year-old actor wears a motorcycle helmet to recite words about a deadbeat father.

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