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Hollywood Life: Sia describes her outlook on fame, its perils

In a sit-down with Kristen Wiig for Interview magazine, Australian pop star Sia opened up about her fear of fame.

"I stop feeling authentic because I'm trying to find ways to say the same thing differently. And after a while, you can't. It becomes bad for my selfesteem," Sia said.

The "Chandelier" singer, who's been making music since the '90s, quickly became tired of the traditional celebrity lifestyle and wanted nothing to do with Hollywood. Even an invite to this year's Grammys seemed overwhelming to her.

"You realize, 'If I'm going to go, I'm going to need to get a tan. I'm going to need to have my roots done. I'm going to have extensions, probably. I'm going to get a stylist for sure. I'm going to have to work out five times that week with Jennifer Aniston's trainer,' " said the 39-year-old hitmaker, who has penned songs for Beyoncé, Flo Rida and Rihanna. "This is commerce and I'm $5,000 in the hole just to go to a party."

'Squad' enlists Eastwood

After much speculation, actor Scott Eastwood told "Entertainment Tonight" that he has joined the cast of the upcoming Warner Bros. film "Suicide Squad." Details about the movie, which is based on a DC Comics series and slated to hit theaters in August 2016, are being kept quiet. Also new to the cast is boxer Raymond Olubowale. Neither of their roles have been confirmed.

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