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Hot97 DJ suspended after comments about the Haitian community

Hot97 DJ Cipha Sounds was suspended from the radio station yesterday after an uproar about very insensitive comments the disk jockey made about the Haitian community last week. During the stations morning show, Cipha said, “The reason I’m H.I.V. negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.” Yes, and somehow he though this was funny (ridiculously puzzled face!!).

The station released a statement saying that they would take three measures in order to correct the trauma that these words caused. First, the station announced that DJ Cipha Sounds has been suspended indefinitely. Second, Cipha will immediately undertake sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community and specifically, the challenges the Haitian community has faced in terms of the HIV epidemic. Finally, HOT 97 announced it will work with local community leaders to utilize the influence of HOT 97 to increase awareness of HIV and community programs to address the HIV epidemic.

First of all, WHAT WAS CIPHA THINKING?! After everything these people have had to endure with the earthquake that almost destroyed their homeland in January and HIV is NEVER something to joke about, how could he think this was ok? I grew up in the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn where there is a heavy Haitian population and they are some of the nicest, down to earth and funny people I have ever met. Not to mention they are big supporters of Hot97 especially after the way the station repped hard for the community in the aftermath the earthquake with fundraisers and playing Kompa for the first time ever on the stations airwaves.

For as many times as Funk Master Flex played the sound bite on his show, “Cipha don’t get gassed!!,” he def got gassed by thinking he could say something like this and get away with it. Didn’t he learn anything from the hot mess that was Starr and Buck Wild? This may not be as bad as when Starr played a clip of a plane crashing with people screaming over and over again after Aaliyah died, but this comment is up there. There are just some things you don’t say when you are on a radio show that gets broadcasted to millions.

Below is a video of Cipha apologizing for his comments. Do you think that his suspension was justified? Hit us up with your comments and let us know.



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