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'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Who does Barney marry?

A file photo of Neil Patrick Harris.

A file photo of Neil Patrick Harris. Credit: Getty Images

Last night's “How I Met Your Mother” two-part season finale gave us answers to some of the season's burning questions and, like any good cliffhanger, raised a few new ones we won't get answers to until next season.

The episode opens with Lily in labor on her living room couch. Marshall is stranded in Atlantic City with Barney, drunk and with no clear way to get to her side.

Robin and Ted rush to Lily's aid where they tell her stories to keep her mind off the pain until she is far along enough to go to the hospital.

The first part of the finale is basically a filler episode, and though the stories from Ted and Robin are short and funny, they do nothing to advance the episode.

Meanwhile, Barney and Marshall aren't having any luck trying to get back to New York until they finally get a ride on a bus filled with senior citizens. The bus is headed to Buffalo, but the seniors come to the rescue and get the driver to take Marshall to the hospital where Lily has now relocated.

After a brief appearance from Lily's father, she is about to give birth alone (Robin and Ted got kicked out by the doctor) and Marshall gallantly shows up just in time.

In the waiting room, Ted and Robin have finally put their awkwardness from earlier in the season behind them and are back to being friends. She convinces Ted to try and reconnect with his girlfriend from season one, Victoria.

Barney tells Robin and Ted he is worried he ruined his relationship with his stripper girlfriend Quinn, but the two reconcile quickly.

Lily gives birth to baby Marvin Waitforit Eriksen, whose middle name Barney chose.

In the second part of the finale, Ted calls Victoria and plans to meet up, while Robin tries to get a good picture of newborn Marvin with Marshall and Lily.

Barney and Quinn are headed to Hawaii, and at the airport he goes to great lengths to surprise her with a magic trick that gets them in trouble with security at the airport.

Predictably, the magic trick turns into a proposal and the two are engaged. Quinn also reveals she has quit her job and is no longer stripping, settling the biggest argument of their relationship.

Victoria shows up to meet Ted in a wedding dress and tells him, though it is her wedding day, she thinks they should run off together. Indecisive Ted agrees then disagrees and tells her she needs to go get married, only to change his mind again.

Ted and Victoria are last seen driving off together into the sunset, with her in a fluffy wedding gown.

When Barney tells Robin he is engaged there is a brief, awkward conversation that ends with a close-to-tears Robin saying she is happy for him.

The show then skips ahead to “a little ways down the road” to answer the question from the first episode of the season. It is Barney's wedding day and Ted, the best man, is with Barney when he is called to go talk to the bride. He walks into the bridal suite and we find out the bride is Robin.

So how did we get here? No idea, but presumably we will get the answers in the next and final season of the show.


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