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Is Enrique Iglesias too big to open for Spears?

Well, well, well -- it seems there may be another explanation why Enrique Iglesias won't be joining Britney Spears onstage, other than the possible duration of the tour.

According to, the Latin sensation simply couldn't deal with the idea of being an opening act for Spears.

Apparently the deal for Iglesias to open for Spears was made by his lawyers and agent. says once the singer found out, he wanted out of the tour.

I understand that people think highly of themselves, but is Enrique Iglesias really too big to be an opening act?

Superstars such as Beyonce, Madonna, Prince or Mariah Carey definitely fall into that category -- but Enrique Iglesias?

It's true that usually new artists in the game open, like  the girl group Richgirl that opened for Beyonce's "I Am" tour.

It gives the newcomer a chance to reach a wider audience and become more familiar to the public.

On the flip side, some opening acts are artists who are recognized as much as the main act, such as Robin Thicke opening  for Alicia Keys "Freedom" tour.

According to TMZ, the terms of the deal were very favorable to Iglesias; so is it just pride that's keeping him from sharing the spotlight with Britney?

What do you think -- did he make the right choice, or should he have humbled himself? Let us know.

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