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Is the Michael Cera love affair over yet?

Actor Michael Cera attends the premiere of

Actor Michael Cera attends the premiere of "Youth In Revolt" on Jan. 5, 2010 in New York. Photo Credit: AP Photo

For the courage to be captured on film with a mustache, I give props, but that's where it stops when it comes to Michael Cera.

"Youth in Revolt" may turn out to be a somewhat amusing movie (so thinks Bobby Bones), but when the Pet Rockette asked me to go see it, my response was "Only if you drive me to the theater and pay for the tickets."

I can't handle the non-evolution of Cera as an actor, even in a typecast role as simple as the nerdy, supposedly lovable high schooler. Isn't that what "Superbad" was all about? And "Juno"? And "Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist"?

Sure, the movie-going, pop culture-consuming world ate up Cera back then, and some folks will continue to do so. Not me. Not even a fake mustache could get me back on the Cera bandwagon. And that's saying something, what with my affinity for groomed hair on the upper lip.

Time to step up your game, Cera. Or at least step out of your comfort zone.

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