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J-WOWW from 'Jersey Shore' has big plans


Jenni "J-Wow" from MTV's show "Jersey Shore" Credit: MTV, 2009

MTV's "Jersey Shore" may be wrapping up Thursday at 10, but don't expect the hit show's young, tanned, outrageous stars to fade away. They've got too much going on. Like Franklin Square resident Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley, the fierce, buxom, fun-loving Hamptons party promoter raised in upstate New York. At 24, she already owns her own house, runs her own company, plans to start her own fashion line and hopes to not only star in another season of "Jersey Shore" but get her own TV show. No wonder Ryan Seacrest wants to meet with Farley, and Playboy is knocking on her door.

>>VIDEO: Click here to see J-WOWW talk to News 12 about her future plans


How did you get your nickname?I was at a club on Long Island. . . . Every time I would walk by the DJ booth the emcee would go, "Wow." A couple of months later, I saw him again at Neptunes. . . . So when I started working at Neptunes, they called me "Jenni Wow" . . . then it became "J-WOWW."


You've said you want to do a reality TV show in the Hamptons.I would consider bringing the "Jersey Shore" to the Hamptons, or my own spinoff - focus on the day life and the night life and the beaches, everyday experiences, the life of the Hamptons person who likes to visit and get a share house.


How did you end up on Long Island?I graduated with a bachelor's in computer programming upstate. . . . I decided to get a second bachelor's at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury. I only have five credits left, but I went to do the show. I actually don't need them because I opened my own graphic design business, J-WOWW Designs. . . . I wanted to become a computer animator for Disney movies.


How were you able to buy a house so young?It was easy. I made a lot of money. I worked at a members-only cigar lounge. I ran that . . . I ran a VIP lounge at a nightclub, and I had my freelance business.


What's your clothing line going to be like?I want to make the edgy version of Diesel and Affliction for women - dresses, shirts, tank tops, jeans, jewelry. . . . It will probably be held off to summer.

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