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Jackson doctor's lawyers meet on defense strategy

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor are meeting again to talk about their client's defense strategy in the event he's charged in the death of the singer.

As of Wednesday, Dr. Conrad Murray and his lawyers had received no word from prosecutors about a decision from the district attorney, The Associated Press reports.

Lead attorney Ed Chernoff was waiting for news in a Los Angeles-area hotel, and planned to meet with the other two members of the defense team later on.

Chernoff said Murray was at a friend's house in Santa Monica, where he was afraid to leave because of paparazzi waiting outside.

Murray told police he administered Jackson a powerful anesthetic and other sedatives shortly before the singer's death June 25.

Murray maintains nothing he gave Jackson should have killed him.

Meanwhile, Jackson's family believes involuntary manslaughter charges against Murray would be "just a slap on the wrist," attorney Brian Oxman said yesterday.

Oxman told CBS' "The Early Show" that Murray displayed recklessness in dispensing powerful drugs to help Jackson sleep. Involuntary manslaughter - the charge prosecutors reportedly plan to seek - carries a maximum jail sentence of four years.

"That is just a slap on the wrist, and a slap in the face, because Michael Jackson was someone who we knew was in danger of being brought to his knees, brought his death, by the use of these medications," Oxman said.

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