Wednesday night's shows at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury were not just another gig for comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He says they were "something special."

"Frankly, it was amazing," Seinfeld, 58, reflected Thursday. "You can never tell what creates an atmosphere, but it felt like there was this great atmosphere in the room. I grew up there, I still live there and I'm part of that community."

All funds from the two shows raised went directly to Long Island victims of superstorm Sandy. "Doing a show was great, but being able to help where and when it was needed felt even better," he said.

Long Islanders easily identified with Seinfeld, who grew up in Massapequa, greeting him with open arms. "People were very sweet and appreciative. There was a family feeling there," he stated. "Little old ladies would come up to get their picture taken and they'd act like I was their nephew. It was nice."

Working the stage in-the-round for over 50 minutes during two back-to-back shows proved that he hasn't lost his comedic edge.

"I'm still in love with it," he admitted "I'm just lucky that I found this thing that never stops fascinating me."

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Because he enjoyed being back on home turf, Seinfeld said he is already making plans to return to Long Island.

"We had such a good experience last night that we are thinking about how we could do this again," he said. "The Long Island shows were electric, exceeding my expectations. There was a spark to them."