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Johnny Depp tops GQ's Most Stylish list

 Johnny Depp, world’s most stylish guy?  Not so sure.

 GQ is touting Johnny Depp as among the world’s most stylish men in the February issue and for sure, he’s looking kind of fab on the magazine’s beefcake cover --shirtless and sporting two leather necklaces,  a thick leather bracelet, chunky silver ring and tattoos.  Swoon.

Depp is certainly not about predictable high fashion– crazy hair, mismatched ensembles – that certain “je ne sais quoi,” but having mastered the art of the haphazard, he always looks uber-hip.

But is he the world’s most stylish guy?  Hmmm, Depp has some serious competition. There are a total of 25 contenders for the title including Brad Pitt (pictured sans Billy goat beard), Robert Pattinson, Tom Brady, LeBron James and David (“style isn’t always about clothes,”) Beckham to name a few.  Check ‘em out and vote for “the sharpest guy on the planet.” 

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