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Justin Bieber and 'The Karate Kid'

Justin Bieber performs at the Riviera Theater on

Justin Bieber performs at the Riviera Theater on Thursday, April 15, 2010 in North Tonwanda, N.Y, as a part of the KISS 98.5 School Spirit Award contest to benefit Women & Children's Hospital. Credit: AP Photo/HARRY SCULL JR

If that headline doesn't bring in the page-views, nothing will.

At any rate, in case you were wondering what demographic the remake of "The Karate Kid" is aiming for, here's the music video, which features the 16-year-old Bieber doing his breathy R&B thing alongside 11-year-old star Jaden Smith, who contributes a rap (like father, like son).

The video for the track, "Never Say Never," is classic movie tie-in material, with footage of the two tween cuties goofing around in the studio intercut with random scenes from the film. Among the all-purpose but thematically relevant lyrics: "Whenever you knock me down / I will not stay on the ground / Pick it up."

The film is due Friday, June 11.


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