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Katy and Kanye out of this world in new video

Kanye West and Katy Perry team up for

Kanye West and Katy Perry team up for a remix of Perry's 2010 song "E.T." Credit: EMI Records / Kristian Dowling

Katy Perry dropped her new futuristic video today for her single "E.T.," featuring Kanye West. The song is the fourth off of her Grammy-nominated album, "Teenage Dream."

The video is definitely out of this world with Perry and West falling from outer space down to earth as they deliver their verses. Perry's outfits are more than interesting and keep changing as she falls from the sky.

After she lands on earth, she finds another extraterrestrial being whom she frees from body armor with a kiss. He turns into a human and then Perry reveals her species.

The song is a hit and the creativity of the video keeps you watching.

Check it out below.


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