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Kenny Rogers at Westbury and on YouTube

Kenny Rogers' Christmas and Hits Tour at The

Kenny Rogers' Christmas and Hits Tour at The Theatre at Westbury on Dec. 23, 2009, at 8 p.m.

If you can't make it Wednesday night to see Kenny Rogers' annual Christmas show at the Theatre at Westbury, there's always the Internet. On that virtual stage you can expect to see much more than the bearded one singing - there are Kenny Rogers lampoon videos galore. Here are 12 of the more amusing ones you'll find on YouTube:

1. 'Hi, I'm Kenny Rogers!'

All the Rogers parodies on the dearly departed Fox show "MADtv" make this list, including comedian Will Sasso hosting a mock version of "Jackass" (with members of the real MTV cast). Except for the thick hair and bushy beard, Sasso's impersonation of a crazy, doltish, drunk Rogers bears no resemblance to the public persona.

2. The best form of flattery

Then there are many parodies of the sketches. One teen laughed so hard doing Sasso's signature "Hi, I'm Kenny Rogers!" that he puked. Don't want to see it? There are many, many more. Just close your eyes when the kids copy the crazy "Jackass" stunts.

3. 'Kenny Rogers - Funniest Moments'

In this best-of reel of Rogers joking around on tour, he tells the story about the "bad chicken" sign an irate apartment dweller once hung above one of his Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants.

4. 'The Best of Kramer - The Kenny Roaster'

Rogers says the incident inspired the "Seinfeld" episode in which a Roasters red neon sign shines into Kramer's apartment. Funniest line: "I don't think Kenny Rogers has any idea of what's going on down there."

5. Karaoke moments

The YouTube description for the UK boys doing "Searge singin' Kenny Rogers - The Gambler" is, "Just so so so bad it's brilliant." There are many online contenders for that title.

6. 'Scarlet Fever by Ti-Coune'

Have you ever seen a guitar-playing monkey puppet at a microphone sing a Rogers song? If not, here's your chance!

7. 'Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just Dropped In'

You might think you've got scarlet fever after watching this psychedelic video from Rogers' stint in the First Edition. His hair and beard were dark. What a trip, man.

8. 'Kenny Rogers Remix'

Photos of the baseball player Kenny Rogers against sound from MADtv's "Jackass" spoof

9. 'Kenny Rogers - She Rides Wild Horses'

Just a photo of a strange kid with a heavy metal T-shirt with a talk bubble as the pop country song plays

10. 'Lady in the Water by Kenny Rogers'

"You're a moth with no clothes on, you've got no drawers on . . .. " 

11. 'My Dad in a Remake of "The Greatest" by Kenny Rogers'

Someone's dad and his friend make a black-and-white music video because, apparently, they're the greatest.

12. '"YOUR FIRED": Kenny Rogers Spotting @ KFC'

An ugly confrontation between a man who says he's homeless who looks like Kenny Rogers and some people shooting video at a KFC.


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