Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Lady Gaga stars in Shiseido ad

Cosmetics company Shiseido has just released a new television ad starring Lady Gaga that will air in Japan. "Be yourself" is the message of the ad that was shot at Gaga's Manhattan apartment.

In the commercial, Gaga shows off a variety of looks. It starts with the singer -- sans makeup -- inviting us into her home. Then we see her with foam rollers in her hair as she prepares for a night out. Next, she spends some quality time with her pup while sporting sparkly eye shadow and platinum blond waves.

Finally, she jumps into a limo, where she changes her outfit and hairstyle and dons red lipstick and fringe eyebrow jewelry before arriving at her destination where she's met by an adoring crowd.

Hudson works with 'Pa'

Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell are making their first film together, "Deepwater Horizon," and on Monday the actress marked the occasion on Instagram by sharing a video of Russell in a helicopter while on location in New Orleans.

"Back to work and first time working with my Pa," Hudson captioned the clip. Later in the day, she posted an Instagram photo of Russell and co-star Mark Wahlberg in front of the helicopter. Her caption this time was "No Monday blues when you're working with these fellas :) #DeepwaterHorizon."

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