Gaga, oh-la-la!

Even after taking a ride on your disco stick en route to a bad romance, Lady Gaga still flashed her poker face in front of the paparazzi.

Mixing her pop music with her insane fashion stylings -- hello, Kermit the Frog dress! -- Lady Gaga delighted us all in 2009. So much so that she was voted Woman of the Year by our dear Pet Rockers. She edged out Taylor Swift, America's daughter, by just four votes, too.

We'll celebrate with this Lady Gaga photo gallery, her "Bad Romance" video and the final vote tally. Props to Gaga. Can't wait to see what the heck she has in store for 2010.

 AP File Photo, 2009

Final vote tally

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Who should win Pet Rock's Woman of the Year Award for the best contribution to pop culture in 2009?

29% - Lady Gaga
27% - Taylor Swift
13% - Beyonce
13% - Sandra Bullock
  8% - Rihanna
  3% - Kate Hudson
  3% - Kristen Stewart
  2% - Paula Abdul
  1% - Khloe Kardashian
  1% - Blake Lively