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Lindsay Lohan's dad: I didn't mean I'll 'kidnap' her

Lindsay Lohan attends the 90 years of Vogue

Lindsay Lohan attends the 90 years of Vogue covers at Hotel Crillon in Paris on Oct. 1, 2009. Credit: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan will seek a restraining order against her meddlesome dad, media outlets were reporting Monday - days after Michael Lohan gave an interview saying he'd like to "kidnap" the troubled actress to steer her away from bad influences.

People magazine quoted a source saying Lindsay was "actively getting" legal paperwork in order and that "she's scared" of her publicity-seeking father, who last week told gossip Web site X17 that he wanted to take Lindsay "to an undisclosed location and get her straight."

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Lindsay Lohan, in New York Monday, didn't immediately reply to a request for comment left with her publicist. But Michael Lohan, in a conversation with Newsday, backed off his strong language, saying he never meant that he would take his daughter anywhere against her will.

"I just meant I'd like to detox her myself . . . but of course I'd get arrested," he said.

"People will twist my words to mean what they want," he said. "The bottom line is, Lindsay needs help, and no one wants to do anything."

Michael Lohan, who was divorced from Lindsay's mom, Dina, in 2007, said he would travel to Los Angeles this week to seek conservatorship of his daughter.

This newest chapter in the long-running Lohan saga comes amid an escalating war of words between Mama and Papa Lohan. Dina Lohan last week opined about how she's tired of her ex talking about their children in the press. Mike responded in that X17 interview with the awkward "kidnapping" implication.

If Michael Lohan does somehow get Lindsay to do his bidding, we know where he'll take her: Oheka Castle in Huntington.

Lohan said that Oheka owner Gary Melius has offered to help Lindsay "any way he can" as she rides out the storms in her personal life.

Melius, who has owned the historic hotel since 1984, Monday confirmed to Newsday that he could offer the Merrick-born actress an "anonymous" home-base for as long as she wants.

Melius and Michael Lohan became close pals in 2004 - after Melius had Michael arrested for trying to skip out on a $3,800 bill.

>>PHOTOS: Click here to see the latest photos of Lindsay Lohan, with and without her dad

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