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'Lindsay' recap: Lohan's retail therapy highlights potential addiction to stuff

Lindsay Lohan attends Z100's Jingle Ball Friday, Dec.

Lindsay Lohan attends Z100's Jingle Ball Friday, Dec. 13, 2013 in Manhattan. Credit: AP / Charles Sykes

Lindsay Lohan has a problem. And it's not one the tabloids have grabbed onto in the past.

I'm no doctor, but a quick schooling via five episodes of "Lindsay" leaves a pretty clear sense that she's a shopaholic.

Early in Sunday's episode, Lohan sells clothing at a consignment store. And then she starts looking around, oh-my-god-ing about an Alaia black trench, getting giddy over a Saint Laurent military-style coat. (Mother Dina, the enabler, gets a bit lightheaded as well.) When the bill comes to $4,500, Lohan heads back to her apartment to find more items to sell. While certainly a sign of the potential financial troubles the actress is having, her getting excited while shopping isn't in and of itself proof of addict behavior. However, the piles of clutter and racks of clothing throughout Lohan's home are certainly indicators of someone who can't say no to material goods.

And then a moving truck arrives with more of Lohan's things, more clothing. While the movers transform her apartment into a packed storage unit, Lohan sleeps, assistant Matt Harrell handles logistics (including trying to wake his boss up) and "wellness coach" AJ Johnson lights some candles. (A scented candle amid chaos, Johnston notes, "can make all the difference in the world.") Most of the noxious boxes end up back on the moving truck of doom, to be dealt with, or not, in the future.

The scented candles clearly shirking their responsibilities, Lohan threatens to cancel that day's shooting. The Lindsay is Flaky subplot continues during a later trip to L.A. when the actress is a no-show for a meeting Johnson had scheduled with her "friend," Columbia-TriStar pictures exec DeVon Franklin. (This "friend" is in the OWN family, having appeared on "Super Soul Sunday" with Oprah Winfrey.) Those of us in real time know that the main reason for the L.A. visit, a meeting with a producer of the forthcoming "Inconceivable" must have at least gone OK, as Lohan announced she's starring in the film at the recent Sundance Film Festival.

This may be the last episode in which we'll get decorating advice and pronouncements such as "time to create some peace!" from Johnson, as Lohan refused to let her into her apartment after the two had a tense teatime. Lohan tells us she was upset that Johnson had asked her personal questions on camera, questions that apparently came from off-camera conversations. (It's revealed, for instance, that Lohan had a glass of wine.) Of course that makes this lesson in "Lindsay" a bit cloudy, as we signed up for the class thinking it was a full-on portrait of someone famous navigating sobriety. Perhaps Winfrey should have pioneered a different show than this, a one-hour "Celebrity Hoarders: Lindsay Lohan."

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