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Lohan's mocking of Kristen Stewart unfair

Lindsay Lohan, you made a brilliant and brave career move to take on a guest-hosting gig for Chelsea Handler. It got you back to working in front of the camera -- not being a subject of legal troubles. You look natural and comfortable -- and yes, you're funny! But did you need to target Kristen Stewart, a good friend even in your more difficult times, by mocking her for berating the paparazzi in a video posted on TMZ? "Of course she hates photographers," you said, "they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper!"

Now Lindsay, that was a low blow!

-- Bonnie FullerBonnie Fuller is president and editor-in-chief of and the former editor of Star, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.Coming to a 'Bad' end

Bryan Cranston told he's happy with the way the series ends. "You'll be shocked by everything. That's the glory of 'Breaking Bad,' " he says. "As much as [series creator] Vince [Gilligan] lays the groundwork for a logical conclusion, it's still surprising."

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