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A look at bigotry in 'Twelve Angry Men'

In the Reginald Rose jurisprudence classic, "Twelve Angry Men," we see the other end of the process: a verdict and how it comes down. At BayWay, Bob Lingner as Juror No. 8 (played by his brother James starting Friday) is the lone holdout against a murder conviction of an African-American. Frank DiSpigno as Juror No. 3, a stalwart for conviction, is the voice of bigotry veiled as justice. A meaty supporting cast led by Jack Howell, Eric Clavell, Gary Tifeld, Evan Donnellan, John Leone, Gary Milenko and Frank Tangredi as the malleable foreman covers the range between extremes.

Crisply directed by Marian Waller, the play evokes a jingoistic view of American trial-by-jury. In the 1950s, before an all-white male jury, it would take a miracle for this black defendant to receive fair deliberation.

One complaint about Bob Butterly's set and Erick Creegan's lighting: A glare from a window detracts from the drama.




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