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Governor's is next stop for 'Cash Cab's' Ben Bailey

If you ever hail a taxi in Manhattan, you might find yourself on a game show - Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab," where Emmy-nominated host Ben Bailey drives you around as he asks questions for big bucks. The shaven-headed, 6-foot-6, 39-year-old stand-up comic will appear this weekend at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, sans his high-tech yellow taxi. But with 320 shows under the licensed cabbie's seat belt, he's got plenty of material to draw from.

On the dumbest answer he's ever gotten"The question was, 'In the "Star Wars" films, what peacekeeping organization has the ranks of Padawan and Knight?' The answer is, of course, Jedi. The answer the family from Kentucky gave me? 'Space Invaders.' And they had a good long family talk before they came up with it."


On how he can talk and drive a cab at the same time and others can barely just drive"I never hit anything or anyone, and I've never been hit by anything or anyone. But two other guys that worked on the show over the years crashed at the end of the day, trying to get the cab back to the parking garage."

On how the cab was customized to accommodate his height"The last cab that we had they moved the seat back five inches farther. Before that, if I sat straight in the seat, my feet were dangling from the floor because my knees were on the dashboard."

On all the studio equipment in the taxi"If you look in the back of the cab and you didn't know what it was, you'd probably think that it was a bomb. There's all this wiring. There's even a digital readout that's counting down to when the tape has to be replaced."

WHAT Ben Bailey, host of "Cash Cab"

WHEN | WHERE 8 and 10:30 p.m. tomorrow and 7:30 and 10 p.m. Saturday at Governor's Comedy Club, 90 Division Ave., Levittown

INFO $25 plus a two-beverage minimum; 516-731-3358 or

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