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'Random Acts of Horror,' with laughs

A scene from Steve Strangio's one-act "My Date

A scene from Steve Strangio's one-act "My Date With a Zombie" Oct. 12-27, 2012, at SoLuna Studio, Hauppauge. Credit: Handout

"It's not the kind of show you see much out here," says Long Island native Steve Strangio, whose four short satirical plays under the collective title "Random Acts of Horror" premiere Friday night at Hauppauge's SoLuna Studio.

"We like to call it splat-stick comedy," he says.

Strangio, an Oceanside standup comic, songwriter, filmmaker and resident playwright for EndTimes Productions in Manhattan, posts his creative output on MadhouseTV and YouTube podcasts "The Evie Turner Show" and "The Strangio Show." He recruited Turner to direct his "Random" one-acts, which play each Friday and Saturday night leading up to Halloween at SoLuna.



"The digital revolution has been a boon to independent filmmakers and stage producers," Strangio says. "You can retro-release your stuff after it's been seen on YouTube or wherever." One of his shorts, "Journey to the Strip Mall," was screened at the first Long Island International Film Expo in 1999. Others have turned up at festivals as far away as England.

Strangio recently completed his first feature film, "A Good Man," shot in Malverne. He's hoping to get it "retro-released" by posting clips from it online.



Meanwhile, his ambition for "Random Acts" is to put it on tour. He's negotiating with producers of "Evil Dead the Musical," now on a tour that will bring it to Plainview's Cultural Arts Playhouse beginning Oct. 26.

"Random Acts" -- four one-act plays -- opens with "Mad Pixie," which, the author says, "is sort of 'The Office' with pixies. You'll recognize every type of fellow office-worker." Next, "X-Boyfriend" involves a guy who can't commit to the girl he's dating who's in love with him. Her ex-boyfriend, a serial killer, intervenes. Strangio describes "Savage Hot Babe Massacre" as a "straight-on parody of slasher films," while "My Date With a Zombie: The Musical" finds a regular, fully alive human spending the evening with a zombie in a SoHo restaurant teeming with the undead.

Strangio's inspiration for "Mad Pixie," he says, was his girlfriend Helena TerBush's rants about her former job in an office she detested. Although the show is recommended for ages 18 and older, Strangio says "Random Acts of Horror" is not excessively gory. "It's more wildly hysterical than bloody. If you like 'Silence, the Musical,' " an Off-Broadway spoof of "Silence of the Lambs," he says, "you'll like 'Random Acts.' "

WHAT "Random Acts of Horror"

WHEN | WHERE Friday and Saturday nights at 8, through Oct. 27, SoLuna Studio, 659 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge

TICKETS $20,, 631-708-9681

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