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Mariah Carey swears, has wardrobe malfunction on 'GMA'

Mariah Carey, center, reacts as she holds up

Mariah Carey, center, reacts as she holds up her dress with help from lifestyle anchor for "Good Morning America," Lara Spencer, right, as a wardrobe stylist tries to fix it after it popped open before her performance on "GMA"'s Summer Concert in Central Park in Manhattan. (May 24, 2013) Credit: EPA

Watching Mariah Carey ramble on as a judge on "American Idol" was basically the highlight of my week, every week. And now that the season is over, the diva has given us all the wonderful gift of acting like a complete mess on morning television. YES.

Appearing on "Good Morning America" Friday to kick off  the show's summer concert series, Carey accidentally dropped an s-bomb and made a completely failed attempt at immediately trying to cover it up ("I said 'shoot!'"). Her sausage-casing dress also split open in the back and had to be adjusted onstage by a member of the crew. Then she performed barefoot and simply could not pull off the breathy, high-octave notes she's known for. Oy.

Oh, and she couldn't decide whether she usually wakes up or goes to bed at 8 a.m. ("It's kinda the same thing for me.") Wait, what?

Mimi's series of mishaps is basically what happens when a bunch of college girls pregame at their apartment before going out on a Friday night. Oh, the memories it evokes.

Watch Mariah's comedy of errors on "GMA":

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