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Metallica film 'Through the Never': A first look

Dane DeHaan in "Through the Never."

Dane DeHaan in "Through the Never." Credit: Picturehouse

Well, we still don't quite know what this movie is about, but the Picturehouse studio has just released the first still photo from "Through the Never."

It sounds like a combination of concert film and narrative, with Dane DeHaan ("Beyond the Pines") playing a roadie for Metallica, whose members play themselves. Here's the official logline:

"...a band crew member (played by DeHaan) is sent out on a mission during Metallica's roaring live set in front of a sold-out arena. While on this mission, he unexpectedly has his life turned completely upside down."

If this were any other band (like, say, One Direction), that premise might suggest a romantic comedy. But this is Metallica, and so far the film looks more like an apocalypse scenario along the lines of "The Road Warrior." The director is Nimrod Antal, known for "Predators" and "Kontroll."

We'll have to wait for the one-week IMAX exclusive release Sept. 27 to find out. "Through the Never" opens wider on October 4.

In case it helps, here are some lyrics to the title song:

All that is, was and will be
Universe much too big to see
Time and space never ending
Disturbing thoughts, questions pending
Limitations of human understanding

Too quick to criticize
Obligation to survive
We hunger to be alive

All that is, ever
Ever was, will be, ever
Twisting, turning, through the never...

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