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Michael Jackson feat. Akon video for 'Hold My Hand'

Michael Jackson arrives at the Festival Palace in

Michael Jackson arrives at the Festival Palace in Cannes to attend the screening of his 38-minute long music video "Ghost" during the 50th International Cannes Film Festival. (May 8, 1997) Credit: AP

I have said it once and I will say it again, why won’t they let MJ rest in peace??!!! First it was Cirque du Soleil, then that ridiculous clothing line and now a video (shaking my head). “Hold My Hand” is the first video from the album, “Michael,” that will drop Dec. 14.

The video is a compilation of clips and photos of the deceased pop icon with his fans and stage performances. Akon flashes in and out of the video, which starts to become extremely annoying after the first minute. I am not feeling the song and the video is pointless.

It seems that every time a major music artist dies, new albums and tracks start to pop up out of nowhere and the record companies definitely capitalize on them. Hey, they did it with 2Pac and Biggie, so why not add MJ to the list?

I would personally like to remember the MJ from “Thriller” and “Off the Wall.” This new stuff just isn’t cutting it.

Here is the video *sigh*. Leave your comments below.


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