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Michael Lohan writing book 'I'm Not Your Daddy Dearest'

Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, speaks during

Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, speaks during a faith based youth outreach event in New York. (July 25, 2007) Credit: AP

Michael Lohan is finishing up a memoir, "I'm Not Your Daddy Dearest... If I Can Turn My Life Around, So Can You," with a titular message aimed at his troubled daughter.

Lohan is co-writing the book with Tom Madden, CEO of South Florida PR firm TransMedia Group, who said while the premise is aimed at the reader in a general sense, Lohan hopes writing it will encourage Lindsay Lohan to "turn her life around, too."

Madden told Newsday the book's focus is the "real story" of who Michael Lohan is, counter to the "drug-addicted head of a dysfunctional family" Madden said Lohan is often portrayed as.

"He has cleaned up his life amazingly," Madden said. "He is a remarkable, astute business person, which is a side to him people don't know about. You'll see Michael at his worst, leading to up to the present, at his best."

As for how much of Lindsay readers will find in the book, Madden revealed the ups and down in their father-daughter relationship will be part of the story.

"He writes about her and her childhood, including some moments he regrets and things he wishes he could do over again,' Madden said.

"I'm Not Your Daddy Dearest" is scheduled to hit shelves by this fall.

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