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Mila Kunis admits to Ashton Kutcher romance?

Actress Mila Kunis and actor Ashton Kutcher sit

Actress Mila Kunis and actor Ashton Kutcher sit courtside together at an NBA basketball game between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles on Feb. 12, 2013. Credit: AP

We've seen them getting cozy at a Laker's game, taking a break in Bali, sauntering in Sydney and spending Christmas together in Chicago, but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been mum on any alleged romance that might have been brewing over the last oh, say, seven months or so.  Ellen DeGeneres, however, managed to corner the coy Kunis this morning on her syndicated talk show.

Ellen was quite transparent and comical as she danced around the topic of the couple's relationship: "So Valentine's Day is coming up," she began, and then asked the actress what her ideal Valentine's Day would entail.

The audience roared with laughter — apparently getting the inside joke — when Ellen repeatedly stated that she didn't know if Kunis had anyone special in her life and said she wouldn't ask so as not to pry. But they knew — and we knew — that what Ellen was doing was asking.

Launching into an oh-so-NOT-nonchalant ambush, asking whether Kunis keeps in touch with any of her "That '70s Show" co-stars, Ellen followed up with, "Anybody more than the others?"

Mila laughed and wiped tears from her eyes when a photo of Kutcher appeared on the big screen. "When's the last time you talked to him?" Ellen asked, and then wham! Through nervous giggles, Kunis blurted, "Give or take a couple minutes."

And there it is.

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