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Good Afternoon

Miley Cyrus adds ‘Sad Kitty’ tattoo to her resume

Miley Cyrus shows off her "Sad Kitty" tattoo.

Miley Cyrus shows off her "Sad Kitty" tattoo. Credit: Instagram

The cat didn't get Miley Cyrus' tongue, so it settled for some lip service.

The songstress is back in the news thanks to a new tattoo in a rather unique spot that she posted on Instagram Friday night.

The photo is of a “Sad Kitty” tattoo emblazoned inside her lower lip. The little feline is yellow with a big blue tear.

Cyrus added the hashtags #sadkitty and an homage to the city of Tulsa that included an expletive. Cyrus played a concert in the city Thursday night.  

Cyrus’ fan base reacted to her most recent artistic statement with such thoughtful comments as “Yuh have a nice tooth,” “Wwowwhh” and “Meow.”

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