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Mills' former nanny sues for sex discrimination

The former nanny to Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills described her Monday as a bitter and dishonest employer who forced her to work overtime without pay and demanded her staff say positive things about her to a documentary film posted to the Internet.

Sara Trumble, 26, is suing Mills on the grounds of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal, saying the former model effectively stripped her of a nanny role when she gave birth to her own baby girl, The Associated Press reports.

When Mills split from the former Beatle, Trumble said she spent an increasing amount of time commuting to Mills' new home and less time looking after Beatrice, the couple's daughter.

At one point, Trumble said Mills ordered her to tell a crew she had hired about "how wonderful she was" for a movie due to be posted to YouTube.

The trial was adjourned until Tuesday, when Mills is expected to present her side of the story.

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