A yearly game franchise is a difficult challenge for developers, considering the short window of time to churn out new features, so gamers rarely go in expecting life-altering adjustments.

Thankfully, The Show has delivered a well-rounded baseball experience for the past several years, making it less necessary to do massive overhauls. Subtle tweaks here and there suffice to continue the franchise's reign as the best on-the-diamond video game around.

You'll notice the game's enhancements most when stepping up to the plate. We're no baseball guru, so we judge based on how easily we can knock a ball into the outfield. And we're not asking for 14-11 games each time out, but even the most casual gamer will see that as a simulation experience, The Show remains accessible.

Visual improvements come pretty standard with each year's release, and you can imagine those and the enhanced audio around the ballparks account for why the game endures some frustratingly lengthy load times. Thankfully, once you get to play, especially in the Road to the Show mode, everything runs smoothly and crisply. This career mode remains one of the most stellar in any sports game and is a must-play for anyone looking to rise from nobody to Cooperstown entrant.

RATING E for Everyone

PLOT Batter up!

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DETAILS PlayStation 3, $60; Vita, $40

BOTTOM LINE Continues to be a series worth the money