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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ more superhero movies that tanked after opening weekend

Ben Affleck, left, and Henry Cavill in

Ben Affleck, left, and Henry Cavill in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Picture / DC Comics / Clay Enos

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” had an opening-weekend take of $166 million, then plummeted faster than a speeding bullet. Its 69.1 percent drop-off in ticket sales was the third-biggest decline by any comic book-inspired flick between weeks 1 and 2, according to

Of course, “Batman v Superman” had a super first weekend, which is more than can be said for these other films in the genre that had the mightiest box-office falls in their second weekends.

JONAH HEX (2010) Hex was an appropriate term to describe this movie starring Josh Brolin as a ruthless bounty hunter. It opened with a paltry $5.4 million and crashed and burned with a 69.7 percent drop-off the next week.

HULK (2003) Eric Bana turned green as the Hulk, but there was little green at the box office — $62.1 million on week 1 and $18.8 million on week 2.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (2009) Hugh Jackman sunk his claws into the role of Wolverine, and the movie did make some scratch — $85.1 million to start. Then it managed only $26.4 million the second weekend.

ELEKTRA (2005) Mourning became “Elektra” when it came to box-office grosses for this movie starring Jennifer Garner as an assassin for hire. A dismal $14.8 million opening weekend was followed the next with a less than electrifying $4 million.

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