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Buddy action films: 4 with the winning formula

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are intergalactic

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are intergalactic immigration officers in "Men in Black." Credit: Handout

Team up a charismatic black star with a charismatic white co-star, heap on plenty of action, toss in witty banter and you've got a fine bromance. The new Denzel Washington-Mark Wahlberg action flick "2 Guns" is the latest buddy action flick to follow that recipe. Can it match these others?

48 Hrs. (1982) -- Eddie Murphy played a wisecracking con paired with crusty cop Nick Nolte to track down a killer. The movie established Murphy as a bona fide movie star. It spawned an inferior sequel (1990's "Another 48 Hrs.").

Running Scared (1986) -- Long Beach native Billy Crystal had TV cred thanks to "Soap," but this cop buddy pairing with Gregory Hines led to a string of big-screen hits. It spawned an inferior 2006 remake.

Lethal Weapon (1987) -- Mel Gibson and Danny Glover played mismatched cops who become best buds while investigating a drug-smuggling operation. Gibson was so convincing in his suicide scene that director Franco Zeffirelli offered him the lead in "Hamlet." It spawned three moneymaking sequels.

Men in Black (1997) -- Aliens didn't have a chance against agents Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It spawned two sequels and an animated series.

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