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'Dark Knight Rises' called epic, perfect by LI fans

This undated film image released by Warner Bros.

This undated film image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in a scene from "The Dark Knight Rises." Credit: AP

People went batty for Batman at the AMC Loews Shore 8 theater in Huntington filling up all eight midnight showings of "The Dark Knight Rises" early this morning.

"This is by far the best movie of the year," says Angel Salazar, 17, of Huntington Station. "It makes 'The Amazing Spider-Man' look like a child's film."

Fans exited the two hour and 45 minute film at 3 a.m. stunned and amazed at the conclusion to director Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

"It was the perfect ending," notes Jacob Axelrod, 20, of Centerport. "It was like Occupy Wall Street meets the French Revolution."

The story picks up eight years after "The Dark Knight," when Batman (Christian Bale) battled the Joker (the late Heath Ledger). Batman has been in hiding and must come out of retirement when uber terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy) brings Gotham City to its knees.

"As a comic book fan, I think it effectively combined a bunch of different Batman stories and meshed them together very well," said Thomas Fischl, 20, of Huntington.

The burning question people have been wondering is whether the new chapter surpasses 2008's mega-blockbuster "The Dark Knight."

"I think it was better than 'The Dark Knight' because there was more going on," says Kevin McCarthy, 25, of Huntington. "You get to see Bruce Wayne rise up like the title says, which was inspiring."

"Heath Ledger's performance in the last film was unrivaled," adds J.P. Letourmeau, 18, of Centerport. "But this story was on more of an epic scale."

The villain character of Bane won raves from crowd for his cruel brutality while Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) got most of the film's clever quips and added sex appeal.

"Both Bane and Catwoman were done better than the last time," says Dan Lerner, 22, of Dix Hills. "The characters were well developed and not mindless."

The unpredictable ending had people holding their breath and cheering right up until the credits rolled.

"The ending was something I didn't expect. It blew my mind," comments Joey Judice, 16, of Centerport. "Finally someone portrayed Batman the way it should be done."

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