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Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' controversy, plus more movie buzz

Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan's documentary "America" imagines

Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan's documentary "America" imagines that the United States lost the Revolutionary War and therefore never existed. Credit: Lionsgate Film

WHO Dinesh D'Souza

THE MOVIE "America"

THE DEAL The political author-filmmaker is crying foul over treatment of his latest book-turned-movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, D'Souza's lawyers have accused Google of "misdirecting" users away from the film and instead pointing them to his previous movie, "2016: Obama's America," which has not been in theaters for two years. D'Souza also questioned why his book has been pulled from shelves at Costco, which says it aims to carry books on The New York Times bestseller list. As for why "America" hasn't yet appeared on that list, D'Souza recently said, "It's their newspaper, and they have a right to rig their list any way they want."


WHO Selena Gomez

THE MOVIE "Rudderless"

THE DEAL The singer-actress will appear at Italy's Ischia Global Film and Music Festival next week to promote her latest movie. Billy Crudup stars a grieving father who discovers his dead son's collection of demo tapes and lyrics. The film marks the directorial debut of actor William H. Macy. Also in the cast are Anton Yelchin, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Chung, musician Ben Kweller and Macy's wife, Felicity Huffman.


WHO Richard Linklater

THE MOVIE "Boyhood"

THE DEAL In an interview with the website Indiewire, the director explains why he kept his latest film, shot over 12 years with a young star (Ellar Coltrane) who grows on screen from age 7 to 19, a secret for more than a decade. "Anyone could steal the idea," Linklater said. "So I thought, 'This is such a simple idea, such an obvious idea. But I don't think it's been done. I've got 12 years, so if I go public with the idea, someone could make a 10-year version.'" Linklater says he also covered his bases by copyrighting his story within the first year of production. "Boyhood," starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, opens tomorrow in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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