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Disney's 'Frozen Fever' lacks substance, but keeps 'Frozen' alive

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 2013 feature film “Frozen”

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 2013 feature film “Frozen” won two Academy Awards (best animated film and best original song for “Let It Go”) and a Golden Globe (best animated feature film). Credit: Disney

"Frozen Fever," the animated short that precedes Disney's new "Cinderella," seems designed mostly to keep alive the memory of the studio's 2013 smash hit, "Frozen."

Though written and directed by the original filmmakers, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and built around a new song, "Making Today a Perfect Day," by the composers of the ubiquitous pop anthem "Let It Go," the short is mostly a riff on the subzero motifs of the feature.

Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) has caught a cold -- get it? -- and her sneezes create little snowball creatures who frolic with the snowman Olaf (Josh Gad). This creates havoc while Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) tries to throw a birthday party for Anna (Kristen Bell).

The premise has about as much substance as a snowflake, but it's probably too much to ask for another strong dose of female empowerment from a seven-minute film.

Though this is reportedly the only movie sequel to "Frozen" we're getting (for now), a Broadway musical is on its way, which means there's an audience out there that needs priming. That may explain why this DVD-caliber extra is being screened in theaters.


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