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German imports top annual Stony Brook Film Festival

German imports led the way in awards late Saturday night for the 15th annual Stony Brook Film Festival.

"Ayla," a U.S. premiere from Germany, tied with "Berlin 36" in the audience-choice award for best feature. "Ayla" is the story of an independent young Turkish woman balancing Western liberality and Muslim conservatism while living in Germany. "Berlin 36" takes place during the run-up to the 1936 Olympic Games under Hitler's rule. A threatened American boycott forces the Germans to admit some Jewish athletes on their team.

The jury winner for best feature was "Five Star Day," starring "Twilight's" Cam Gigandet. Winners for best short films were "Worth" (audience choice) and the world premiere of "Unrest" (jury).

"The Storm," a Dutch film not in competition, was recognized for outstanding filmmaking achievement. The film is about the 1943 North Sea flood.

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