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Get a clue about 20th anniversary of 'Clueless'

If you haven't a clue as to where the phrase "As if!" comes from, then you've obviously never seen "Clueless," the 1995 comedy starring Alicia Silverstone as a modern-day, Beverly Hills version of Jane Austen's Emma.

Arriving Tuesday to mark the movie's 20th anniversary is pop culture journalist Jen Chaney's "As If!" (Touchstone, $16.99), an oral history of the movie in which director Amy Heckerling, cast members (including Silverstone, Paul Rudd and Wallace Shawn) and crew share stories about shooting key scenes, wearing those outrageous '90s styles and the movie's impact on pop culture and fashion.

Making-of stories look at the casting process, in which a string of actors, including Reese Witherspoon and Ben Affleck, were considered for the Silverstone and Rudd roles. Rudd also recounts a scary encounter with an armed gunman during filming (the only "valuables" on him were a Discman and his "Clueless" script). And photographers seemed clueless about Heckerling at the movie's Malibu beach premiere: The paparazzi asked her to get off the red carpet so they could snap pictures of her then-boyfriend, actor Bronson Pinchot.

The book also features rare Polaroids taking during filming, including one of Rudd wearing a faux goatee, which was originally considered for his character. As if!

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