The new trailer for David O. Russell's "Joy" reveals a bit more about its central character, Long Island housewife-turned-entrepreneur Joy Mangano, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

The film marks the third collaboration between Russell, Lawrence and Bradley Cooper after "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle."

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Where the last trailer was more a collection of images that set a mood and a kinetic energy, this trailer reveals more about Mangano's background: a doting father (Robert De Niro), a husband (Edgar Ramirez) and a flashy new man in her life (Cooper). There are hints of extortion as Joy’s business takes off; Isabella Rossellini appears as a woman who wonders whether Joy has the killer instinct.

Those outside of Long Island, however, may be wondering exactly who or what this movie is about. Neither Mangano's last name, her company nor her best-known invention, the Miracle Mop, are ever mentioned or seen. In fact, there's been nothing in either trailer to tell viewers that the story is true.

Still, the caliber of the film’s cast and crew, along with the high-profile release date, spells Oscar potential. "Joy" arrives in theaters Dec. 25.